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The Salvation Army Moneycare Bushfire Recovery

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About Us

The Salvation Army Australia Bushfire Recovery Outreach | Penrith & Hawkesbury

Providing financial, emotional, and psychological support when you need it the most

From natural disasters through to debt and money troubles, we help Penrith and Hawkesbury residents recover and thrive

Hi, I’m Karen – call me Kaz. I help people in the Penrith and Hawkesbury communities who’ve been affected by a natural disaster.

My official title for the Salvos is Moneycare Bushfire Recovery Project Officer. We’re a national organisation that’s locally embedded, so while my responsibilities extend across NSW and the ACT, with the Nepean Business Network I work within the Penrith and surrounding communities.

What we do
So many Penrith and Hawkesbury residents have been devastated by floods and bushfires. Recovering from a natural disaster isn’t easy – how do you pick up the pieces when everything you know has been taken from you?

That’s where we can help.

The Salvation Army’s Bushfire Recovery Services provide emergency relief and recovery following a crisis. Importantly, it’s not just about the physical help – we offer financial, emotional, and psychological support, too.

How we do it
Based in the Penrith community, I work with local organisations, council, and disaster relief agencies to get individuals the support they need.

How? I’ve spent over 25 years in non-government organisations helping support people and groups of all ages, cultures, and demographics – it’s a sector I love.

At a personal level, my priorities are listening, convening, connecting, and supporting those impacted by the disasters.

And at a community level? I work with local organisations and the Penrith Council to support you in not just rebuilding your home but rebuilding your life.

Help we help: Natural disaster relief
Our disaster relief is both practical and emotional, designed to support you across all stages of your journey.

Emergency relief: We provide evacuation and recovery centres, as well as food, water, shelter, and medicine during and immediately after a disaster.

Early recovery: We help you with temporary living accommodation and financial assistance for your living costs and the clean-up of your home.

Medium to long-term recovery: We help both individuals and families with further financial assistance, while also working closely with the local community to build energy, confidence, and resilience.

As part of the Salvo’s Bushfire Recovery Services, I can say with complete confidence that we’re here to help you and the community recover, rebuild, and become resilient.

But it’s not only natural disaster that can affect us unexpectedly – financial challenges can happen to anyone at any time, too. This is why the Salvo’s developed Moneycare.

Help we help: Moneycare
We can’t foresee a sudden job loss or unexpected illness. I’ve also seen many people become overwhelmed with debt or feel powerless at the hands of financial systems.

Moneycare is designed to help all of that.

Confidential free financial counselling: Our financial counsellors help well over 13,000 people a year take control of their finances. Whether you need advocacy, strategies for money management, or help with debt reduction, we can help you, too.
(Call 1800 722 363 to book your appointment.)

Free practical resources: So many financial freebies are available via the Salvo’s website, including:
• Webinars and about managing your money
• Practical tips and resources for money planning
• Financial coaching videos
• A free short course on new ways to manage your money
• Inspirational stories.

Understand your financial success: Most importantly, Moneycare shows you how to align your <i>personal</i> values with your financial decisions. It’s all about you – and developing your perfect road map to living well.

If you need financial assistance and feel even the slightest twinge of hesitation in asking for guidance – don’t. You have the right to seek help. And you have the right to not have it all figured out today.

Whatever your circumstances, we’ll walk with you to discover the best solution – I promise.

Our Services

  • Community outreach
  • Financial, emotional, and psychological support
  • Financial counselling
  • Natural disaster recovery
  • Bushfire recovery
  • Practical resources
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Training and study
  • Fundraising

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